A long-standing success story

We are connected to Verbundnetz Gas AG through an already long-standing cooperation. Already in 2012, mp laid the foundation for a successful trade fair construction concept for the Leipzig business group. The aspiration to develop a stand system, which would on the one hand be generous and on the other flexible, was quickly decided upon. The planners and trade fair constructors of mp ambitiously took up the challenge. Now, the VGN have a two-storey presentation area at their disposal. It contains areas for infrastructure at the basis as well as signs identifying the stand from afar. 80% of the trade fair stand stayed the same over the years. New features are constantly added to a newly designed theme area on the ground floor. This way, the trade fair stand can be used throughout many years, while at the same time new areas of focus can be implemented at any time. It is good for the environment. But that’s not all. On top of that, when tried and tested elements meet new ones in a perfect symbiosis, it will affect the costs.

  • CUSTOMER Verbundnetz Gas AG
  • SIZE 364 m²
  • DESIGN mp

Always new

With constantly new ideas and expansions, the trade fair stand of VNG seems a little different every time, despite the same basic construction: 2018 there were 3 media steles with an interactive presentation implemented on-site for the first time, in order to impart complex content in a playful way for the customers.