Driving force and forward thinker for more protection of the environment

Especially with trade fair construction, sustainability and protection of the environment place a more and more important role. At the IFA 2010, the federal environment agency together with the cappellerarchitekten and mp showed, that a radiant presentation does not have to end up in the waste after an event. As a driving force for the protection of the environment and the climate, thanks to the agency a trade fair stand was designed, which could constantly be reconstructed due to its modular components. All applied materials and elements have the seal of approval „Blauer Engel“ and are environmentally sustainable. Choosing the materials, great importance was attached to its recycleability. For this purpose, a task group was formed with the University Halle. Together they researched this special challenge of the trade fair construction materials concerning the statics as well as fire protection categories.

  • CUSTOMER Umweltbundesamt
  • SIZE 105 m²
  • TRADE FAIR/LOCATION IFA, Berlin, since 2010
  • DESIGN cappellerarchitekten

Digital walls and open structures

The design of the trade fair stand was implemented very clearly according to the corporate identity of the federal environment agency. The modular media and display wall, which is also usable as a storage and exhibition area, works as the main element of the trade fair presence. Additionally, five communication elements can be freely placed and combined anew all the time: information desk, media room, media table, café bar, seating elements. The spatially and functionally free and open structure offers many possibilities for activities. The medial and interactive communication level for example conveys the newest information and communication technologies concerning energy consumption as well as resource load. Also, the energy consumption of the stand is digitally visualised and accessible as a interactive virtual tour.